Spark is hiring!

Client Service and Marketing Assistant

Spark Letterpress is a family-owned and operated business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Spark proudly offers design, letterpress printing and specialty finishing services to clients nationwide. We are looking for a dedicated career professional passionate about good design and print with the ability to meet and maintain the needs of our clients by delivering outstanding customer service. This entry level position is currently available for part time hours of 20-25 hours per week with the expectation that it will move to full time hours should the need arise.


  • Answer main-line phone system. Assist clients (over the phone, by email and in person) knowledgeably and professionally, fostering client retention and recommendations.
  • Provide general office duties such as responding to client inquiries, scheduling appointments, and meeting with clients visiting our facility.
  • Provide clients with general design and printing price quotes.
  • Assist with marketing and social media management including writing blog posts, posting to Instagram, Facebook and more.
  • Provide assistance to Spark staff as needed such as finishing, counting and boxing orders.


  • 1 year client service experience is preferred.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills.
  • Must possess ability to multi-task and problem-solve quickly.
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide and figure percentages.
  • Ability to use MS Word, Excel, internet software and e-mail and scheduling calendar.
  • Must possess a high school diploma and education beyond high school is strongly preferred.


  • Must be able to perform computer functions and operate office equipment.
  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time.
  • Due to the luxury materials we work with on a daily basis, smokers need not apply.

No phone calls, please. Email inquiries only. Please submit your cover letter and resume to


We are so excited to share photos from this amazing wedding here in Minneapolis.  With the planning of Julia LaCroix, there wasn't a single detail missed and we are thrilled that a Spark design was a part of the vision.  Our retailer, Gateaux, helped this couple elevate the Amelie Suite to meet the romantic, playful and modern vibe of this wedding.  Feast your eyes on these beautiful photos from Betsy Wall.


Grant Spanier

This week we wanted to bring you some thoughts from Minneapolis creative Grant Spanier, a talented individual working across multiple fields. We had the pleasure of letterpress printing and slapping some gold foil on business cards for one of his many ventures, highqlty. The busy designer, writer and director recently launched his new website, so definitely pop over to view his incredible work! 

SL:  Where are you from, and why Minneapolis?

GS:  I’m from St. Cloud, an hour-ish north of here. I went to college in the Twin Cities and have stuck around since. Helluva creative culture here, that’s why Minneapolis.

SL: How and when did you get into designing/writing/directing?

GS: I started writing more seriously as a senior in high school, once sports ended and I had a windfall of free time. I carried this passion into college, but was doing it outside of my major, as a passion. This led me down some creative paths that eventually arrived at the doorstep of a small startup, which is where I started designing along with my writing work. I wasn’t designing by choice, but the startup was booking design work for clients but didn’t have anyone to execute…conveniently I was the only one on the team with a bootlegged (SORRY ADOBE!) copy of the Creative Suite. And thus, I started designing. I quickly fell in love with design and used it to fuel my passion for all things creative.

I knew the culmination of these interests would be film. It used to be a desire to write a novel (still possible), but right now writing for the screen and directing is what fascinates me. The elements of story, design, music, photography and the necessary collaborative nature of filmmaking get me way, way excited.

SL: What is the first project you ever designed?

GS: I can’t even recall the first project I designed ever, but I DO remember the first paid gig I got. I designed the logo + business cards for my roommate’s dad’s consulting company—Blue Ice Systems. My solution was a trendy, obnoxious logotype, complete with some sweet blue gradients, baby.

SL: We would love to highlight a project of yours. What have you worked on that is most exciting to you?

GS: I got the chance to write and co-direct a music video for a super talented artist named Vaski—my first official gig as a director. It was an almost surreal experience to approach the artist about collaborating, pitch my concept (a non-traditional concept, too) and bring it to life. I worked my ass off and poured my heart into this one. I think it’s a great representation of my aesthetic, my voice, and my abilities. I got to work with some of the most talented people in the city and make something I’m really proud of (it’s been viewed over 1 million times, which is a fun milestone to hit)

SL: What and where are your inspirations?

GS: In terms of consuming inspiration: I read, a lot. I read about a screenplay every week and always have at least one book I’m reading. My favorite fiction author is Chuck Palahniuk. My favorite non-fiction author is Seth Godin—who I got to work with in NY in 2013, and who has been a guest on my podcast. Besides that I try to get to a movie every week, or at least watch one at home.

In terms of creating inspiration: conversations and collaborations with talented, passionate people. I host a weekly podcast that gets me into conversations with an amazing array of folks. I also co-work and collaborate with really rad people + clients (for example: Studio Hump Day where I co-work with the homies from VON91 on Wednesdays).

The spectrum of stuff I get my hands into keeps me super engaged—sometimes that’s designing Greenroom Magazine, sometimes that’s podcasting, sometimes that’s directing a music video, sometimes that’s designing an interface for an iPhone app. The project variation keeps me sharp and moving fast.

SL: How has your creative process evolved since starting out?

GS: Hmm. That’s a big question. The short answer is this: I used to believe in a more sacred idea of “creativity.” After years of trying to “figure out” the creative process I now have a much less idealized perception of the process.

I’m more in tune with myself and my creative muscles are in better shape. So my process is quicker, more natural, and less frantic—I know my ability to find solutions as long as I a) GET TO WORK, b) communicate effectively, c) iterate and d) trust my instincts

The one constant piece of my process is writing. Whether it’s design, video production, or something in-between, I organize my thoughts by writing first.

SL: What do you like best about your job(s)?

GS: It’s so nauseatingly cliché.....but I really f**king love what I do and I get to wake up every day and work on things I’m passionate about. I love my independence, I love my ability to learn and grow, I love the opportunity to work with people I care about making things I care about. So, everything?

SL: How would your describe your design style?

GS: Efficient. Confident. Restrained.


SL: Who else in the local creative scene is inspiring you right now?

GS: Ahh. So many. To name just a few:

Brock Davis, Phil Jones, Braden Lee, Jake Woodbridge, Vince Koci, Jesse Draxler, Nora Purmort, Isaac Gale, Tricia Khouteretsky, Tony Franklin, Sarah Edwards, Jake Heinitz, Dschwen, Erin Pederson, A2F pictures, VON91, Roy Son, EGG (Eric Fawcett, Lisa McGuire), Kevin Horn + Kevin O'meara, Colleen Eversman...and there’s so many more people doing so many cool things. I’m surrounded by insanely talented and hardworking humans, it’s so rad.

SL: What tools of the trade do you swear by?

GS: Adobe Creative Suite (especially Illustrator, Story, InDesign, Photoshop, & Premiere), Evernote is incredible, my Wacom tablet is nice, Micron pens and sharpies for lettering, Sanebox/Boomerang for gmail make me kickass at email, TextExpander saves me time. I work on a top notch Macbook Pro Retina, Google Drive, Vimeo Pro. My cameras: an Olympus Stylus Epic, Contax t2, and wide Instax 210.

SL: How can people find you, hire you or work with you?

GS: Well, I use the Internets quite a bit. I’ve got a flashy new site over at

They can fill out this form to get started →

My podcast is at

Also find me on: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Medium  |  Vimeo  |  Pinterest

SL: Anything else you’d like to add?

GS: When your main motivator comes from a sense of self, passion, and purpose, the results will probably be better. Stop trying to compete with, and comparing yourself to other people—it’s a big waste of energy. We can multiply our abilities by partnering with the right people, or we can waste energy trying to “win”—I prefer the former. Let’s make stuff together & make each other better.


Last week we had the pleasure of co-hosting a pretty awesome event with White Peacock Weddings. The idea was to unite some of the best of the best in the Twin Cities wedding industry to mingle in our new space while showcasing a select few vendors in action. Here is a little peak into the awesome collateral that set the tone for the event. Stay tuned for more photos from the evening, and in the meantime check out what our guests posted under the hashtag #makersunitemsp on Instagram!

Spark Spotlight: Valerie & Jim

We are kicking off our Spark Spotlight with none other than our owners, Valerie & Jim!  After starting the business in their Minneapolis home more than 11 years ago, then moving shop to Sioux Falls, they landed back here in  wonderful Northeast.


Best part about your job: Working with vintage presses.

Ink or foil: Ink!

Favorite font: Futura

Favorite color: Green

On your iPod: New Order, Broadcast, Vampire Weekend


Best part about your job: I love working with a wide range of clients to design or print something that is decidedly unique to them. Whether it is a new suite of business cards for a top design firm, or an event planner who is creating the most extraordinary wedding for one of their clients, or a small business who needs help pulling together print collateral; I feel fortunate to be right there in the middle of making it all happen.

Ink or foil: FOIL, but not gold or silver. I love those but there are so many more foil choices out there and I love to use ones that are a bit unexpected!

Favorite color: Eggplant

Favorite font: Archer

Can't live without: Diet Coke, my MacBook Pro and my family - not necessarily in that order of course!

Sneak Peek: Winter Styled Shoot

We know you know: we LOVE the Minneapolis wedding community. Spark is lucky enough time and again to participate in drop-dead gorgeous styled shoots with the best vendors around. Even in the frigid Minnesota winter, planners, florists, photographers, bakers, venues and more come together to tell beautiful stories. 

We want to extend a huge thank you to Rosetree Weddings & Events for inviting us to participate in A Winter's Kiss. All the vendors did an incredible job! See the full shoot over at Dainty Obsessions. And don't forget to check out more exceptional wedding work from these talented creatives!

(And stay tuned for a sneak peek from another winter themed shoot. Details and photos coming to the blog soon!) 


Shot in Rosetree's Minneapolis studio, these photos are dripping with deep reds, soft mauves and creamy neutrals. De La Vue Photography beautifully captured the pretty charm of a Minnesota winter wedding.

Models: Chelsea Lawrence & Max Lorei

Introducing Mischa

Spring is here! Okay, maybe not outside, but inside Spark our newest design is full of bold, vibrant colors. Paired with striking geometric patterns and a layered, peekaboo laser cut, Mischa is a show stopper. Take a look at some of our inspiration over on Pinterest!

Chad Michael Studio

There really is no better feeling than bringing beautiful designs off the screen and pushing them deep into paper. We were lucky enough to recently print for the immensely talented Chad Michael Studio, an agency specializing in spirit and alcoholic package, logo, and branding design. Check out the materials we printed below, then hop over to Chad Michael Studio's website to see even more mind-blowing designs and beautiful print!


Letterpress Labels for Old Town Distilling Co.


Letterpress + Foil Business Cards for Distroya Spiced Spirit

All photos courtesy Chad Michael Studio.