Retailer Profile: Fat Cat Paperie

Fat Cat Paperie
Center Moriches, NY

Owner: Pamela Gurman
Length in business: Fat Cat has been in business 10 years, the Paperie for 3 years

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: Because they are AWESOME! Really completes our collections, nothing else like them.
Favorite new Spark design: The lovebirds and Natalya

Social Media
Facebook: Fat Cat Paperie

Other thoughts on the albums: Love the Stationery album-so beautiful! My customers are really responding to the albums
Average client: No average, all completely different
Strengths as a retailer/store: Everyone on staff is a graphic artist, plus we always have one-on-one time with clients- sit through the entire process with them.

The staff at Fat Cat Paperie are experts when it comes to creating a custom invitation for any occasion. It is great that they have graphic artists on staff as you have the opportunity to work with people who get design and know how to mix it up to create a beautiful pieces. They are a great resource to have on your side as you peruse our Design Book as they can advise how best to use our artwork to create your masterpiece. Long story short - check out Fat Cat Paperie, you won't be disappointed!

Retailer Profile: Fabulous Affairs

Fabulous Affairs
Normal, IL

Owner: Cally Shane
Length in business: 5 years

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: We love the line, letterpress is so popular, great price points, and the customization is huge.
Favorite new Spark design: Well my favorite THING is having envelopes with blind embossing

Facebook: Fabulous Affairs

Other thoughts about the albums: I love the pockets, I love that the entire suite is shown, all the different color options....Oh I love the die-cut business cards...I want them for myself!
Average client: I don't know...they all want a lot of color!
Strengths as a retailer/store: Knowledge and experience in the invitation business, a good creative design sense, and I try to stay up with market trends.

We love working with Cally and Kacy at Fabulous Affairs - they are definitely a dynamic duo ready to provide you with their expertise in all things paper! It's obvious to all of us at Spark that Cally and Kacy enjoy what they do and their excitement is sure to rub off on their clients. The projects they have sent our way have turned into stunning pieces, thanks to their keen design sense and knowledge of our products. Fabulous Affairs is aptly named; we encourage you to stop by and experience for yourself!

Retailer Profile: Big Day Design Lounge

Big Day Design Lounge
San Francisco, CA

Owner: Paula Gloistein
Length in business: We opened February 17th! Brand new!

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums: drawn to the designs, they have personality, great details, unique!
Favorite new Spark design: Don't really have a favorite, love all the patterns!

Social Media

Other thoughts about the new albums: they are easy to work with
Average client: looking for something extra, little more modern, more bright colors
Strengths as a retailer/store: personal attention to detail, focused on whole wedding plan, not just their wedding invitation, we go for the overall approach for the wedding day

We are thrilled to be working with Paula at Big Day Design Lounge. She offers her expertise to help clients create the perfect invitation suite that truly reflects the couple's style and personality. Take one of her workshops to get schooled in letterpress and invitations, a helpful idea when planning a big affair - it's great to know what your options are! Thanks, Paula!

Retailer Profile: Jenny's Paper, Ink

Jenny's Paper, Ink
Atlanta, GA

Owner: Jenny Adair
Length in business: 3 years

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: Custom letterpress, upgrades!
Favorite new Spark design: Arianna


Other thoughts about the albums: They are generally more "out there" then my average clients, but I use the custom options to create a simpler pattern.
Average client: very traditional, they like simple patterns, lines, and colors.
Strengths as a retailer/store: Ability to help clients visualize invites, attention to detail in descriptions

Jenny's Paper is a passionate retailer who is super fun and easy to work with. Lately Jenny's specialty has been Mitzvahs and it was fun to create custom pieces for the event! Thanks Jenny! If you are in Atlanta, give her studio a tour!

Retailer Profile: Envision Wedding Studio

Envision Wedding Studio
Sioux Falls, SD

Owner: Leah Moller
Length in business: 4 years

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: We love letterpress! And having Spark headquarters right down the street really adds a personal touch for our clients.
Favorite new Spark design: Stella

Social Media
Facebook: Envision Wedding Studio
Twitter: @envisionwedding

Other thoughts about the new albums: We just started carrying Spark and the designs are incredible! Can't wait to work with the ladies more!
Average client: traditional/classic...this is the Midwest!
Strengths as a retailer/store: design orientated, artiscally driven

Sioux Falls residents know to go to Leah for all their event planning needs. It is nice to have a retailer we can literally drop by on the way to work! Thanks, Leah!

Retailer Profile: Letterheads

Miami, FL

Owner: Maria Iznman and Marilynn Connell
Length in Business: since Oct 2008

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: We received samples in the mail and Bebe (Spark's owner) kept calling! No, but our store is in an artsy part of Miami and people really want letterpress! You guys have great prices!

Favorite New Spark Design: Calling cards and Amelie!

Social Media
Facebook- Letterheads
Twitter- @letterheads

Other thoughts about the albums: Great fit for our store, we are all about customizing and your company is so easy to work with that way. The pocketfolds are cool, everything is great quality. Love the designs!
Average client: A real mix, our "average" hasn't revealed itself yet.
Strengths as a retailer/store: Custom designs, we help clients find their "look". Our customer service can be described as inviting you into our living room and having a chat.

The ladies are a great retailer to work with and really know how to create custom pieces. If you are in the Miami area, stop by to talk with Maria and her staff!