Another weekend at Spark Worldwide Headquarters...

If you haven't seen posts from Jim and I in a while, it's because we are literally working all the time these days. Days, nights, weekends - early mornings not-so-much - but pretty much whenever we can put in more hours we are here. Every one else at Spark is pitching in too, we just have a lot of sensitive jobs that need Jim's attention in particular and I'm always on hand for the press checks, trimming and other fun activities!

I'm not exactly sure how we are so busy these days - and growing each month - but we are not taking it for granted. With such a dreary economic forecast on some days and optimism on every third or fourth day, I've dedicated myself to moving forward no matter what. We aren't ignoring the stock markets or just hoping for the best, but we are making sure we try our hardest to get orders out with the best possible quality.

It may not make sense that we are searching for some new equipment, retooling our identity, creating that next big sparkly marketing piece, and working on a new custom album for 2010; but, frankly I just have to go with the flow. And right now, our flow is positive and fast.

We're so lucky to have all that we do - happy and healthy co-workers and families, great clients (this means you) and exciting projects to print.

Although I will be spending the weekend here with Jim cranking out more jobs (or perhaps I should say crafting letterpress art), I'm thankful we have a reason to be working these crazy hours we've been keeping. Now if we could just teach Lily and Lucia to use the drill or mix ink.

HotHouse Letterpress Stationery

This piece was designed by April Mueller for HotHouse Collaborative in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The stationery cards are sized 5.25" square and fit into Crane lettra 5.5" square envelopes. The cards are letterpress-printed on one side only. We used a heavy impression depth so as to create a patterned texture on the unprinted side of the card.

Spark Palm Invitation Booklet

This piece was designed by Spark Stationery for a private client. It is one of our favorites thanks to the lovely soft white Arturo paper and envelopes, as well as the letterpress envelope liner. The Arturo paper and envelopes are no longer stocked by Spark, but we can get them in for an additional fee. This invitation set could easily be printed on our Crane lettra stock. Contact us today for pricing.

Win a Planner, a Photographer and Stationery for Your Wedding Day!

April Foster Events, Grise Photography and Spark Stationery are excited to announce...

We will be giving one lucky couple the following package:
  • A full planning package from April Foster Events
  • A photography package from Grise Photography
  • A Letterpress Invitation Suite from Spark Stationery
Total Value: Over $7000!

Visit for entry details. Submissions are due by February 20, 2009.

Pantone fashion color report spring 2009

Check out the fashion colors Pantone is recommending for Spring 2009. We are able to closely match any Pantone color for letterpress printing.

If you would like to find papers in similar colors to use for your next letterpress project, contact us for options. View the full Pantone Fashion Colors Report by visiting their website at

The Holidays are here...almost!

Hey designers, check out the attached PDFs detailing Spark’s special discount for holiday projects, as well as our handbook that shows you what options we have available for die cutting, paper, envelopes and finishing.

We hope to work with you and your clients this holiday season!

Spark Holiday Handbook
Spark Holiday Promotion

Spark Retailers
...don't worry, we have special holiday pricing for you as well! Contact Diedre for a holiday custom quote today!

Envelopes make all the difference

One of my favorite things in the whole world has to be envelopes. Mind you I don't get all that excited about Classic Crest #10 commercial flap envelopes, but even those aren't half-bad. What I love are the unique flap styles and the range of colors and papers that have become increasingly available over the past years as countless others who share my passion for a good envelope pop up across the country.

I'm sure many of these sites aren't new to all of you, but in case you haven't seen one of these, be sure to check them out. When we have smaller jobs we will work through distributors such as these to find a special envelope.

I haven't worked with every single one of these retailers very often, so I can't personally vouch for their customer service and product availability. We have worked with, and Anchor Paper the most, and I would say they have a great selection and fair pricing. I'm sure I'm missing some others, so feel free to recommend any you've found as well.

envelope images from

Posters make us happy.

Fridays on the Promenade Poster
Design: J. D. Gordon Advertising
Paper: French Paper Muscletone in Frostone Glacier, 140# Cover
Ink: Metallic Brown and Olive
Size: a hair under 13x19
Notes: This poster is the largest we can run on our Heidelberg Cylinder KS. We ran it without cropmarks just so we could maximize the size of this poster. The art was masterfully created by our friends at J.D. Gordon, who we've been fortunate enough to work with on several occasions. For items such as this where there are solids and tints, we spend a great deal of time in pre-press to get the right combinations so that when printed the tints aren't too dark and competing with the solid area. We typically do the pre-press on jobs such as these instead of having our clients wrangle with it because there is no exact formula. Our press operator has to look at the overall job in order to figure out what will work best and then it all ends up in Photoshop to be made into one monster bitmap file.