Happy Wedding Weekend, Joy!

All of us at Spark would like to wish Joy and Adam well as they are married this weekend! What better way to acknowledge their grand affair than by showing off Joy's wedding stationery.

Featured above is their save the date, printed on bright white cotton stock in royal and fuchsia inks. The photos were supplied by their photographer, Despres Photography, and Spark did our magic to make the photos letterpress ready. We love how the finished save the date looks - showing off the happy couple!

Their invitation stationery was inspired by our Margaret design and printed on Lapis Lazuli metallic paper (pocketfold and envelope liner), soft white cotton stock, and fuchsia paper - all in royal ink. The pocketfold is printed with the Margaret pattern on the front flap in a tone on tone look and tied off with our string and button closure (button in silver metallic and string is fuchsia). We especially love the icons used on the wedding day weekend card!

Best wishes to Joy and Adam from all of us at Spark!

Photo credits: Sara D Harper

Why Wedding Stationery Matters

Valerie on Wedding Stationery in 2011

Oh how wedding stationery has evolved. I was married only seven years ago and I can't believe the changes that have taken place. Gorgeous, tactile, exciting, elaborate changes!

We didn't do Save the Dates for our wedding, but I did have invitations that still hold a special place in my heart. I also had lovely programs and place cards, embossed labels for our favor tins, and some special manzanita branches with individual cards handing from them instead of a traditional guest book. I paid attention to the details of our wedding while remaining mostly on budget. I will admit that I had four different lipsticks and three pairs of shoes by the day of our wedding because I became increasingly indecisive about these personal style details!

Even though I thought I was into the details, now that our new custom albums are out there I can't believe all that I missed out on. I'm not that into dwelling on how things could have been different for my wedding because what mattered most was being married at the end of the day. And now I have a new found passion for helping our clients make something truly special for their weddings.

We have couples who want something entirely all their own and we have people that get the designs as they are shown in our album because it fits their wedding day style. No matter what category you fall into, we developed our albums to help everyone find the right stationery for their event.

As I endlessly peruse wedding blogs, there are many showing gorgeous stationery and others that do not. Nothing makes me cringe more then when I see every other detail of the day attended to and yet the stationery is lackluster. Of course it bothers me in large part because I am a custom stationer, but what I've learned about stationery over the years is that even the smallest paper details can make an impact. Sometimes it is the quote from your favorite author on the tag of a gift you are bestowing upon each guest, or it could be the special thank you to your parents and remembrance of a loved one you've lost too soon on your program.

The paper goods you create for your special day are the first tangible item a guest receives and one of the few things about your wedding that your guests can hold in their hands and get up close and personal with. From a save the date through the thank you note - the paper, colors, printing, design, and words - they all come together to help convey emotion and make a personal connection between you and your guests.

I hope you will review that lengthy list of must-haves for your wedding day and make sure you have your paper goods accounted for. I know we'd love to help you make them special!

Our new wedding line...

is in production! We are at varying stages with each of the 20 new designs we are launching. I've been spending a lot of time drawing lately in order to fill out the details of some of the sets, as well as to create the last few design concepts. I have to say it is quite the accomplishment around here for me to find any time to sit at my desk and draw since I am responsible for a wide range of tasks in our small organization.

I've learned a lot in creating these new designs. A lot about myself as a person, as a designer and as a letterpress enthusiast. It's hard to limit myself at times because we have the equipment, the desire to experiment, the resources to do the finishing work, and we can make the time to pour our hearts into each suite. Ultimately I need to set some parameters because I always want to look back at what I've created and find some simplicity in each design. Not everything has to be crazy over the top, and some of the designs I'm most excited about are so simple.

Here is one of the designs that is not so simple. I have to thank one of our wonderful Spark designers, Molly Althoff, who created the artwork for this invitation. I was lucky enough to be able to work with these drawings she did, edit and layer the artwork, and then pull it all together. I'll save the rest of the pieces in this suite for later.

I look forward to sharing more with all of you soon!