Vintage Maps: International locations

Last week I shared with you the list of the maps we currently have for domestic locations. This week, I thought I would share the list of the international locations we have available for your stationery needs. Maps letterpress so well and provide a lot of fun details with the vintage appearance they create for the piece.

Use maps on your passport covers or interior pages, cover the pocketfold with our vintage maps, or come up with a brand new way to use maps that will create the look and feel of your stationery you are hoping for.

Below is the list of our international locations Spark has used in the last year:
  • Anguilla
  • Brazil
  • British West Indies
  • Caribbean (can focus on a certain island if preferred)
  • Central America - Honduras/Cuba
  • Colombia
  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico (as shown in Lily)
  • Puerto Rico
Again, please just ask us ( to see if we can find a map of your wedding location!

Vintage Maps- Domestic maps for your stationery

When our custom albums went out last year, we instantly got asked questions about the vintage maps used in the Lily and Amelie suites and if there were other locations. Why YES there are! Below is a list of the maps within the USA Spark has printed in the past year. Feel free to email us at to see if we can get the location for your event or wedding.

Maps within the USA:
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Boston, MA
  • California (whole state)
  • Chicago, IL
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • New York, New York (like in Amelie)
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • USA map
  • Washington, DC
Check back next week for our International Map collection!

Custom Save the Date : Meet Laura!

Meet our sparkling bride-to-be Laura DiLorenzo and join her on her journey as she creates completely custom stationery for her big day. We met Laura through our retailer, Judy Paulen Designs in New York City. Below, read how her vision unfolded into these charming, vintage inspired Save the Dates:

"It was important that Zack and I create a save the date that would set the tone for a fun, whimsical wedding and would also properly invite people to spend a mini-weekend away with us! When choosing our destination we felt Cooperstown, New York offered something for everyone, so we tried to embrace that by including a range of the different events that we would be hosting on our save the date.

We really wanted to embrace the history of Cooperstown and its various landmarks throughout the planning of our wedding- the village lent itself naturally to the rustic, vintage aesthetic that Zack and I both appreciate. Our ceremony is taking place at the "Farmer's Museum", which is a historical village made up of 18th and 19th century buildings that were curated from all over New York State. The church we will be married in looks like an 18th century meeting house; it's quaint, historic, and simple. Because of the connection to this museum, we've looked towards farmer's market themed ideas for our favors, welcome baskets, menu's, table decorations....and of course, our Save the Dates!

Throughout the entire planning process we've made an effort to gather any items that "catch our eye" (whether they be a cutout from a magazine, a menu from a coffee shop, or a cool vintage postage stamp), we'd then edit and organize the inspiration pieces into something tangible as it came time to make a decision. Most of our save the date inspiration came from a farmer's market poster that I found on We found the antique Cooperstown map on Ebay (it was published in 1813!) and the lilac design on a vintage French postcard. Once we had these three items gathered, we sent them to Spark with our preferred text, layout, and color ideas- the rest really evolved from there.

When I received the first proof from Andrea, I realized just how creative and invested the company really was. Andrea didn't just show me a version with the fonts I had asked for, she went above and beyond to show me 3 or 4 ways to say the same thing- whether it be by showing different color and font options or tweaking a small part of the design. This was especially important for Zack as the options Andrea provided made it easy for both of us to see the potential possibilities - and we enjoyed making the final decisions together. The process was such a free flowing, all hands on deck exercise - and I really felt safe in their hands.

When the final Save the Dates ended up at our front door, we were ecstatic - they looked even better in person! I emailed the Spark team the next morning and joked that they must have heard me screaming with excitement all the way in South Dakota! We mailed them to our family and friends a few weeks ago and the response has been amazing! People are most excited about how it shows a lineup of the many events that we have planned. The map has also been a huge hit as it really plays up the history and traditions of the village. We overwhelmingly feel that the font and general design set our guests up for the whimsical, unique, and playful tone that we were hoping for!"

Here's a photo of the couple - aren't they adorable?! And the finished piece, complete with calligraphy and vintage stamps that Laura and Zack collected - talk about the total package, we think they look amazing!

Watch for more of our *INSPIRE* blogs to see the unique ways we help to perfectly blend our brides' wedding day inspirations to their custom stationery pieces. We truly enjoyed designing this charming piece with Laura and look forward to other custom stationery endeavors!

Amelie Wedding Suite - How about other cities?

The Amelie wedding suite has been a popular choice for urban areas. This suite features a New York City wedding with a vintage city map, wood type and an adorable cartouche frame.

We have received requests from our retailers to show this suite using a vintage map of their area. Below are quick views of the Amelie pocket for Seattle and the envelopes for Washington, DC. We are showing the maps in raw format, so some of the details can be cleaned up and changed before going to print.

Creating custom stationery is a fun process, one that we truly enjoy and encourage! Visit a Spark retailer near you to get started!