The Spark Lookbook

After having designed all of the 550+ pieces in our 2010 custom albums, I (Valerie today) was a bit tired of design projects to be honest. I work on so many different kinds of projects here at Spark and for a while I avoided designing anything if I could help it. Then it came time to start thinking about what marketing efforts I wanted to do to help support our custom line in 2011. Once I came up with the idea of doing our own Spark Lookbook for prospective clients, I was back in the game!
When I think about our retailers and their appointments with prospective clients I wanted to create something that would give a couple the warm fuzzies about Spark. We don't get to meet 99% of our clients so I wanted to create a piece that would help us to make more of a personal connection to our clients. The lookbook features the artwork from almost all of our wedding/event design suites as well as some practical information about the stationery design process.

The entire book is letterpress printed on leftover paper from other jobs which is why the pages vary in color and type. I was so excited to be able to put this paper - that would otherwise been simply recycled - to good use. Look for these at your retailer nearest you in January!

We hope you will love these little books as much as we do. We can't wait for you to have one!

Fun with our Complimentary Calling cards

Joy speaking (so blame her if you don't like the puns)

So last week I told you about the August/September deal here at Spark- order a 4-piece suite and receive complimentary calling cards (a.k.a. at home cards) in the same quantity. Just a reminder that our great die-cuts are not included in this offer, however, I am going to provide some advice on who should use these the standard rectangular calling card, the skinny calling card, and the square calling card.

Urban dictionary is fun people, let's go with it to determine how one should choose their calling card.

Square - "a person regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends"
In my mind, using letterpress already means you are in with the trends, so that can't be right. Dull, huh. I think squares just provide comfort to those who like equal length sides.

Skinny - "the scoop, what's up?" "the low down"
So these are great for those who only want to share their information with a select group of people who they would like in their inner circle. But who knows.

The traditional rectangle - Neither rectangle or business card came up with a urban dictionary definition. Oh well. These are perfect for those who want their card to fit in with all the other cards in the Rolodex. Conforming is a word that keeps popping into my head here.

Ok, ok enough fun. In all reality, at home cards are a great way to share with your loved ones your new address, an updated email, website, social media pages (don't forget twitter and your youtube channel), and perhaps even a new house number (do people still get those?)

Or give all the wrong information and become a hermit or anonymous blogger after your big day.

If you have any real questions about this Spark deal, please email or contact your nearest retailer.

Ink, ink and more ink

We currently offer 50 standard inks with our letterpress love custom stationery. We buy our inks from Preferred Ink Products in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our inks are predominantly oil-based, however we occasionally use a rubber-based black ink as it can stay on press longer. Our oil-based inks are no less environmentally-friendly compared to soy-based inks, see our article from 2008...

We are working on a sample guide of our standard inks for clients printing with us on a wholesale basis (business to business). If you have any questions about our inks or wish to obtain samples for an upcoming project, please contact us at

Spark at The National Stationery Show

The organized sister and the creative sister arrived in NYC Friday to set up for The National Stationery show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Pictured above is our booth 1756. We've had a great time so far. It's fun to be back at the show and can't wait for it to start tomorrow. It will be wonderful to meet new and familiar faces. There are so many designers and retailers we are excited to meet over the next few days.

Retailer Profile: Pulp and Ink

Pulp & Ink
Chicago, IL

Owner: Colin Falco
Length in business: since 2001

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums: I liked all the designs and love the mixing and matching.
Favorite new Spark design: Margaret

Social Media
Facebook: Pulp and Ink
Twitter: @pulpandink

We've worked with Colin for four years now, and very much appreciate his business. Located in Chicago's Old Town, he has a wonderful storefront as seen in the photos above. Colin stays on top of the stationery trends, offering his clients a savvy design sense that speaks volumes. Many of the custom wedding invitations we've created with him are among our favorites. We encourage you to visit Pulp & Ink the next time you visit the Windy City!

Retailer Profile: a + z ink

a + z ink
(formerly Uhhleksuh Ink)
Birmingham, AL

Owner(s): Alexa Whitehead and Zane Place
Length in business: December 2009

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: Heard about Spark, visited your website, read the blog and received samples all of which really helped us decide that Spark would be a great company to work with!
Favorite new Spark design: Amelie (Alexa) and Lily (Zane)

Other thoughts about the new albums: Love them! We are happy to carry the line!
Average client: young professional, looking for modern and individualized stationery
Strengths as a retailer/store: No one else has letterpress in Alabama! We have very individualized service with bride going from helping her find her style to the delivery of the product.

We are thrilled to have a + z ink represent us in the great state of Alabama. If you are in there area, please stop by and tell them Spark sent you!

Trendy Award Winner - Thank you!

Our Amelie design is a Trendy Award winner in the bridal category!

This is the first year for the Trendy, awarded by Stationery Trends Magazine. Thank you to everyone who voted for our Amelie suite! We are honored by this recognition.

A lot of us here at Spark consider the Amelie suite among our favorites. We love the distressed wood type and the vintage maps. If you are wondering, the New York City map featured in this invitation can be adapted for just about any city or location. Contact us or a retailer new you for details.

Thanks again!

Retailer Profile: The Paper Place

The Paper Place
West Chester, OH

Owner: Ann Schwartz
Length in business: 15

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: love all the color, modern, all the options, the pockets.
Favorite new Spark design: the love birds, and all the florals


Other thoughts on the new albums: fresh looking!
Average client: modern, looking to set themselves apart
Strengths as retailer/store: customer service, strive very hard to meet customer needs, attention to details, we work hard to keep clients budgets.

It is great to have someone like Ann representing Spark in Ohio! The pictures of her store speak loudly to her sense of style and appreciation for fine stationery.

Stationery Love: Stephanie Calling Cards

Our Stephanie design in the Stationery Love album is simply classic. One of our goals with the Stationery Love album was to show how a calling card can change from 1 to 2 colors, to different shapes - all without printing on the back side.

Adding text or artwork to the backside of the card is done time and again and adds to the cost. For you budget savvy individuals out there, stick to printing on the front only and still have a card that will impress. We often find that the cotton paper and letterpress impression will wow whomever receives your calling card.

Order 500+ quantity of calling cards and receive 15% off your order. This offer ends May 31, 2010.