Prairie Paper (aka Seed Paper) is now at Spark!

What better title for wildflowers sprouting out of paper, then Prairie Paper! We are thrilled to introduce a new paper to our stationery lines. Prairie (seed) Paper is handmade paper that includes any number of different plant seeds, and is 100% recyclable. This paper is truly something special and also takes a great impression. Featured in the images above is our Prairie Paper bookmark created especially for our trunk shows in NYC last week.

Instructions of planting Prairie Paper:

1. Moisten card and plant in soil (just under the surface of the soil)
2. Place in a sunny spot and water regularly (keep moist until it germinates)

These are the potential wildflower varieties you could have with our type of seed paper:
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Spurred snapdragon
  • Shirley poppy
  • Mexican hat
  • Evening Primrose
Your guests will be able to think of all the fond memories from your event while looking at their wildflowers. Letterpress is already "eco-friendly", our Prairie Paper just takes it one step further! Contact Spark to place your Prairie Paper order today.

(like our bookmarks? I do!)

Plant this Project

This piece was designed by Paulsen Marketing, Sioux Falls, for NorthWestern Energy. It is a two color letterpress piece printed on handmade seed paper from Porridge Papers. Plant this paper and you'll get beautiful wildflowers! If you are interested in using this paper for your next letterpress project, contact us for details and pricing.

Seed paper here, seed paper there, seed paper everywhere!

Well, not anymore. This job went out a few weeks back through one of our trusty retailers, Michael C. Fina in New York. Their corporate client had to have seed paper for their holiday party invitation. We used a lovely seed paper from Porridge Papers and were quite pleased with the results. We printed a quantity of 400 in gold ink, with custom artwork by our designer, Kate. Riley, our employee who we can't give a title as he is responsible for a wide variety of tasks around Spark, took this picture after getting all 400 of them put into their swanky little holiday sleeves before shipping to New York.