Happy Halloween!

Just reminding our loyal readers that we have Halloween cards. We all hope your Halloween is filled with sweets, costumes, and safe fun for all involved! I personally love the Bittersweet card (below), because I think it must be a true statement! Contact Spark if interested in these Sweet treats!

Our flicker account has all of our Henry and Bittersweet cards which will cover you this Holiday season!

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like calling someone a Cake Whore!

So our Bittersweet Ink collection may not be for everyone, but we've found that many people have a friend or family member that can appreciate the dry humor these cards put forth. Our good friend, Larissa Cole, came to us with this wonderful idea for a collection of cards. Larissa wrote the copy for these cards, we created the design, and of course we also printed them.

Each card is letterpress-printed in black ink on Neenah Esse 100# cover in White and comes with an Neenah Eames Furniture envelope in India Pink, Tivoli Green or Pacific Blue. Both papers contain 30% post-consumer waste and have a wonderful texture and subtle grid pattern to them.

The cards are available at our online store and have been picked up by many retailers nationally as well.

Henry is a real dog!

Our Henry greeting card line is inspired by Valerie & Jim’s real life miniature dachshund, Henry. The original Henry illustration is based on one of the many photos we’ve taken of him over the years. Henry has been a great dog for us, and he even comes to the office every day to help out. Mostly he just barks at the UPS and FedEx drivers and many of our other unsuspecting guests. If his legs weren’t so short, I’m sure he’d be operating a press or working in shipping & receiving.

The Henry stationery products were a labor of love for us. We were planning to keep them simple, but as Henry is a complex dog, we felt it was only right to make his cards a bit more of a challenge as well. Each folded greeting card is printed in three colors – a transparent gold for the type and tail wag lines, Henry brown as it is known around the office which is really just PMS 4625, and then the different designs feature a third color to make the illustrations pop. We also have five different custom-printed envelopes that coordinate nicely with the designs. They come in Whip Cream, Red Hot, Banana Split, Sour Apple and Razzle Berry (paper from French Paper’s Poptone line).

Be sure to check out our complete line of Henry cards, invites, moving announcements and coasters, now available for sale in our online store.