Cotton is Not So Bad After All

Crane lettra is our house stock. We have always been very happy with its performance, however we often get questioned about how green our beloved paper is. Check out this blog post by the Ladies of Letterpress (thank you!!).

Is Lettra Recycled?

We love Lettra--and not only because of its tree-freeness. What goes into that cotton stock? This info comes from Dave Kidwell, Crane's Mid-Atlantic Region Manager, regarding the "recycled" content of Crane's Lettra.

Read more about this at the Ladies of Letterpress Blog >>

Eco Scottish Wedding

This invitation set was designed by Flush Designs in Pasadena, California.

Paper: This is a completely eco-friendly invitation set as it is printed on 100% reclaimed cotton paper (tree-free), our premium, 220# house stock. The envelopes are brown bag envelopes made from 100% recycled content.

Details: We printed the invite panel in lavender and brown inks on the front and brown ink on the back. Since we were using the 220# cover, we could give a nice impression on both sides. The custom artwork created by Courtney at Flush Designs looked beautiful letterpress-printed.

We also sewed borders around all four sides of this invitation in a pretty lavender thread. Unfortunately, none of our samples remain to share with you! There is proof, checkout Courtney's website at Flush Designs and view #19 under her invitation photos.