Seeing the look all come together

One of our Atlanta retailers, Debra Saba of Luxe Expressions, worked with Spark to create a complete wedding stationery suite for her client. We've worked with Debra on many stationery suites and can say that she exudes creativity and the necessary know-how to create couture stationery. This particular couple's wedding stationery started with the save the date, using an engagement photo as the centerpiece. The photo was a high-resolution image, made letterpress-ready by Spark. It's beautiful announcement for this very happy couple.

Here is what our retailer, Debra Saba, had to say about working with Spark and the couple to create their look through their wedding day.

"The couple wanted something elegant and soft but also to have a bit of a African tribal vibe to it and an added Chemistry theme at the wedding (bride is a Chemistry professor). We have a knack for showing artwork that Spark offers but explaining how it can be customized to get a totally different look. We showed Chavonda (the bride) the Padma design which was not their style at first however elements of the artwork were, and what turned out by Spark was amazing!"

To incorporate the couple's Chemistry theme without being "too themey" they opted for adorable test tube escort cards and periodic table elements for their table numbers. The wedding cake featured the same design elements used in their customized invitations, bringing all of the "elements" together for a very personal style.

"All parties worked together from Luxe Expressions, Spark, Lighting, to the Cake and Linens to pull off the similar look. We all couldn't have been happier about the results."

If you have purchased or are planning on purchasing a Spark design, please ask your retailer if you have other non-stationery items you would like to utilize our artwork for. There are many times that we can provide files for a limited use to make your big day that much more special. We would love to help!

Door Designs (the Norwegian way)

Hey everyone! It's Joy. I have been in Norway over 3 weeks already and have been in the city of Trondheim for a week and a half. Trondheim is a city about the size of Sioux Falls, SD (where Spark is located) and I'm loving the new experiences and the people I'm meeting.

One great thing I have noticed while around town is the incredible doors. My co-workers told me those doors are famous because some of them are over 200 years old and all have unique designs and colors to showcase the building they provide entrance for. I have been meaning to blog about this for a week now, but the weather has been too cold and rainy for picture taking. I have only covered a very few doors here so I may need to post a second blog about doors.

Hope you enjoy the varying designs and colors. It may not be letterpress, but hey, its from Norway!