1st Birthday Party Invite

Designed by Valerie at Spark for her daughter's 1st birthday party.
Details: crane lettra 220# fluorescent white cover in pink and brown inks as well as a blind hit. Envelope is also crane lettra fluorescent white with ink jet return and chocolate text weight liner.

So, not every child needs to have a letterpress-printed invite on the thickest paper imaginable, unless your parents are the lead pressman (Jim) and art director (Valerie) at Spark. This was a fun project for both of them. All too often they never get to print personal stationery because they are too busy keeping up with client orders. As their daughter's 1st birthday came closer, they knew they were going to print her invite no matter what. We hope you enjoy this fun design as much as we do.

Eco Scottish Wedding

This invitation set was designed by Flush Designs in Pasadena, California.

Paper: This is a completely eco-friendly invitation set as it is printed on 100% reclaimed cotton paper (tree-free), our premium, 220# house stock. The envelopes are brown bag envelopes made from 100% recycled content.

Details: We printed the invite panel in lavender and brown inks on the front and brown ink on the back. Since we were using the 220# cover, we could give a nice impression on both sides. The custom artwork created by Courtney at Flush Designs looked beautiful letterpress-printed.

We also sewed borders around all four sides of this invitation in a pretty lavender thread. Unfortunately, none of our samples remain to share with you! There is proof, checkout Courtney's website at Flush Designs and view #19 under her invitation photos.

Vintage New York Wedding

We designed this wedding invitation set for our retailer, The Wedding Library, located in New York City. We highly recommend visiting with Linda Hays, Director of Stationery, at the Wedding Library as she loves custom projects like this one.

Invitation Details. The set was printed on Crane Lettra 220# pearl white cover. The envelopes are also Crane Lettra pearl white pointed flaps. All pieces are printed in two colors, nutmeg brown and a rich navy. Unique features about this invitation set are the double-sided invitation panel and the letterpress envelope liner. Each piece stands on its own, making the set truly special.

Sussner Design

This ultra cool door hang was designed by Sussner Design in Minneapolis. This piece is printed on crane lettra 220# cover and die cut into the fun door hang shape. Inks are black and blind on the front, with black and transparent white on the back. The black open-end envelopes are printed with silver ink.

We encourage you to contact us regarding special order papers and envelopes. Quite often we are able to get in the specialty items our designers are looking for. Please contact us for samples as you are planning your next project.