Welcome to The Pressroom...

(Please note that the designs shown above are created by designers Spark is collaborating with in The Pressroom & Company. We respect their talent and the rights of ownership for their own designs. Please note that these designs are not available through our retailers. Spark has a vast collection of designs to choose from should you choose to work with one of our retailers.)

Many of you may not realize that while Spark offers its own custom line of invitations and stationery, we are also a commercial letterpress shop printing for some of the best and brightest stationery designers and design firms here and abroad.

We wanted to introduce you to our newest venture, The Pressroom & Company.

The Pressroom & Company (TP&C) is a select group of experienced and passionate stationery designers, proudly offering beautiful stationery to an ever-expanding community of online buyers. Our timeless designs and exceptional, yet affordable letterpress printing are a perfect match for all of life's events.

TP&C designs are styled by renowned invitation designers from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Their design styles showcase a wide variety of artwork from modern to vintage, floral to calligraphic and more.

Spark has contributed a few designs to this site and we'd love for you to check them out. All of our 80+ retailers can also offer you these designs, so if you see something from Spark you like and would prefer to work through a local retailers, then head on over to see one of our amazing Spark dealers!

One week left of FREE calling card offer!

So actually it is 9 days, but technically there is a weekend in there.

For the months of August and September Spark has had a deal going when you order a 4 piece suite, you can receive a one color standard calling in the same amount for free.

October 1st is fast approaching.....get your order in!

If this doesn't work for you, we do have our other offer that runs through November 1. Earlier this month we introduced our 25 free sets offer when you order a minimum quantity of 75. Read about this promotion here.

For any questions on our promotions feel free to email spark@letterpresslove.com!

More albums are on their way!

We are thrilled to announce the albums are shipping! Those wonderful retailers we met at the National Stationery Show will be receiving their new albums later this week as long as UPS doesn't let us down (kidding). In the above photo Joy and Diedre are getting the slips onto the boxes and finally starting to breathe a sigh of relief.

In the photo below, you can see our finishing area where we have many people helping to get the final pieces onto their pages. We are shipping more tomorrow and can't wait to hear what the new recipients think of the albums once received. We hope you will fall in love all over again with Spark!

Making plans for the future

We bought two new presses recently and today they get hooked up with electricity. Even though I'm the art director, I still get excited about new equipment because it makes me think of the additional possibilities the presses will provide us.

One of the presses is another Windmill which is our primary press for the bulk of the jobs we run, so I kind of know what we will be doing with that one. But the other press is a Heidelberg Cylinder KSBA which is larger than our current KS model. I was so excited about being able to run a larger sheet that I could barely sleep the other night as I was having a successful brainstorming session with myself. Well, that sounds kind of sad, but in another six months when we roll out some new products, you might not think that sounded so lame!

So today I'm hoping to refine my ideas to create a more concrete plan. I'm one of those crazy lists people so it always starts with endless lists. I have a master list and then a list for each idea/product/service. I keep sorting through them, adding and deleting as necessary. Once I've thoroughly made my lists, I enter them in Word (or InDesign if I'm feeling a bit more ambitious and design-y). In addition to the lists I also have doodles and sketches on the back side. I hang onto all of this stuff because I continually refer to it while I'm designing.

As for inspiration - well that's a tough one. I like to keep an eye on what is going on in the world of stationery, but I'm also super cautious about making sure our ideas and designs are original. And that is a constant challenge. Some days I feel like everything has been done and there's nothing left to do. But most of the time I get all giddy about the possibilities.


National Stationery Show Wrap-up

It was so exciting to complete another National Stationery Show. Connecting with our retailers, potential and existing, was one of our favorite parts. We currently have retailers in 45 locations, and are working on the second wave of releasing our new custom albums. It was a very good feeling to leave the Show with many, many cards in hand of people interested in carrying Spark. Now that we are back home, we are seeing the applications come in from all over and will be speaking with all of you soon.

If you are a retailer considering the Spark custom albums, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions. We were so thrilled to meet all of you and want to have you feel good about choosing Spark.

Valerie (the creative sister) & Diedre (the organized sister)

Creative Blu Letterpress Pocket Invite

Designed by Creative Blu
Details: This invitation set is printed on crane lettra fluorescent white 110# cover in pink and charcoal inks. The pocket is letterpress-printed and die cut. Insert cards are stacked in the right-hand pocket. This is a stunning, tactile piece that really shows off the softness of the crane lettra 100% reclaimed cotton paper. Many thanks to Creative Blu for sending this project our way!

Spark 2010 Custom Album

It is hard to be here at the office today and not setting up for the National Stationery Show in NYC. We made the decision not to attend this year and instead hunker down to plan for our Spark album due out early next year. This was a hard decision for us as we love the energy and enthusiasm that embodies the NSS.

Spark Letterpress Cards - Wholesale Orders
Retailers and Buyers, if you are looking for our Spark letterpress cards and products, feel free to check out our Spark Letterpress Catalog (PDF). We are happy to extend our 10% discount on any orders over $100 or more. Simply mention the Spark10 discount when you place your order with us by fax or phone.

Spark Letterpress Love Album
Write this down on your must have list for 2010. Our new custom stationery album is due out in early 2010. The Spark custom album will feature complete, fully customizable wedding suites. This album is meant to show off our talents and inspire clients to create beautiful stationery at an affordable price.

If you would like more information about our album, please contact us at service@sparkstationery.com.

Here's a sneak peek...