mnfx business cards

If you don't know about Rotor, you'll have to check out their web site. They are a wonderfully creative bunch and we were honored to print this business card for their client, mnfx. And mnfx is pretty awesome in their own right. Some of the projects they've done you will definitely recognize, and it makes you think really hard about how they did it.

mnfx Business Cards
Design: Rotor
Paper: 220# and 110# Crane Lettra in Fluorescent White
Ink: Custom Red
Quantity: 750+
Size: 3.5" x 1.75" approx.
Notes: I think we would print on 220# Lettra every day of the week if we could convince all of our clients to use it at least once. This design called for heavy coverage on the back of the cards and then just a deep impression of their logo on the front of the cards. After printing, they were die cut with a custom die. A label printed at Rotor customized for each mnfx staff member was the finishing touch.

Spark Custom: Kensington Invitation

The above invitation set, known as Kensington, joined the Spark Custom Album in the spring of 2007. We decided to feature this invitation, as it is a classic, popular design, not only for wedding stationery, but for personal stationery as well. In the spring of 2008, it was featured in all of the regional Brides magazines across the country, along with our Graceful Orchid invite.

The Kensington 4-piece invitation set includes the invitation panel, printed invitation envelope, reply card and printed reply envelope. This two color letterpress piece, shown in copper and black, is priced at $1210 retail for 100 sets. The invitation is a 5x7 card and is paired with an A7 square flap envelope. The reply card is 5.5x4.25” in size and is paired with an A2 square flap envelope. The reply card allows guests to write their own reply.

Our clients are able to customize this invitation set to suit their personal style. This includes more than simply changing the typeface or the color(s) on the invite. For example, the graphic pattern on the invitation may be substituted with a different graphic pattern from the Patterns page in our custom album. We are able to create a custom pattern upon request.

Clients may also change the format to a tall or large square panel card at no additional charge. Dress up this invitation with a paper backer, full paper wrap & band or place into a custom pocket fold. Ask us about our custom-printed envelope liners, as they are a stunning addition to any stationery set.

To receive a custom quote on this invitation, visit one of the Spark Custom Album retailers. A listing of our retailers is available on our website at If there is no retailer near you, please contact us directly at

AIGA Wink Event Postcard and Poster

Last year we sponsored a talk by Wink for AIGA's South Dakota chapter, as well as donating the printing of the postcard and poster. As we were going through projects we wanted to share with everyone, this definitely had to be the first one as it continues to be one of our favorite projects that we've printed. The event was a huge success and a lot fun to attend. If you haven't heard them speak, we highly recommend it as they were both hilarious and insightful.

Wink Event Postcard for AIGA South Dakota
Design: Wink
Paper: Most of the postcards were printed on Eames Furniture 120# DTC in White, which was generously donated by Neenah. Just for fun we printed extra postcards for ourselves on Rising Museum Board 2-ply White (which is actually a beautiful soft white).
Ink: PMS 1775 (pink) and PMS 724 (brown). The pink was run first and the brown was semi-transparent so you could see it overlay on the pink cow background. Keeping the brown true to the PMS swatch and still transparent was a bit tricky, but worth the extra effort.
Run: 500 on our Heidelberg Windmill
Timing: This was a pretty easy job for us to run. Straightforward and to the point. The ink mix was the trickiest part, but all in all I think we spent about four hours total running it.
Notes: The Eames Furniture 120# DTC didn’t perform as well as we would have liked. This was our first time working with this stock and thought it would take a crisper impression, but we were a bit disappointed. They turned out nice, just not as nice when compared with the postcards we printed on the Museum Board.

Wink Event Poster for AIGA South Dakota
Design: Wink
Paper: Most of the posters were printed on an 80# cover donated by Duffy. Since we already had the press inked up, we printed extra posters on our house stock, Crane Lettra 110# Cover in Fluorescent White as well as Monadnock Astrolite 200# Cover in Bright White and Eames Furniture 120# DTC in White. It was interesting to see how the different papers fared with the same design. The 80# cover didn’t take an impression as we expected. The Lettra ended up with a beautiful "weathered" look. The Astrolite turned out the most even and probably showed the impression best. The Eames Furniture had the most "weathered" look of the bunch.
Ink: PMS 717 (brown), PMS 872 (gold) and black. The gold was used for his tooth only and it is hard to see in this photo, but he is sporting a nice little diamond!
Run: 600 on our Heidelberg Cylinder
Timing: We ran this job over three days to give the heavy coverage time to dry a bit in between plates.
Notes: The trickiest part of this job was the inking and feeding. The feeding shouldn’t be a surprise since we were running four different stocks and three different colors. The inking was hardest with the brown but we figured it out pretty quickly. In some ways, the posters with the uneven inking turned out the most interesting with their unintended artistic effects. Those of our clients that received the posters in a sample pack liked the weathered look and thought we had done something special to achieve it during prepress.

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