Foil Stamping


Foil Stamping is a gorgeous finishing method that uses heat to adhere foil to paper.  The use of foil can yield beautiful results but there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing with foil.

  • Foil comes in many colors and styles, so if you don't see what you like in our foil guides, please ask and we will check for other options.
  • Foil is not meant for large solid areas or really intricate art.  Something in between is usually what works best.
  • Any time you change the size of the art or need something new in foil that isn't shown in our line, you will need a new copper engraving die.
  • If you need a new copper engraving die for your order you can keep it if you want - just let us know so we can ship it with your order.  Keep in mind they are heavy so it will add to the cost of your shipment.